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Providing practical coaching for pastors by giving them insights in creating a healthy culture of change.


Cohort groups of 3-4 pastors will commit to meeting once a month for 60-90 minutes for one year over zoom.


Each participant will be asked to answer questions before the zoom meeting, enter into the conversation on the call, do follow-up assignments including reading, and apply what they are learning in their church setting.

First Year Focus

     Unit One: It All Starts with You

     Unit Two: Developing a Culture of Change

     Unit Three: Plowing up Hardened Ground

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching will also be available for special needs as it arises to answer questions at no additional cost.


     $750 for the year with flexible payments.  (Limited Scholarships are available.)


All conversations in our sessions will be held to strict confidentiality.  The only exception would be if an individual gives permission to share information.  As your coach, I may periodically approach a peer coach for advice and consultation on our coaching relationship in order to offer you the best coaching I can.


Books that we use to supplement our discussions will be the responsibility of each member to purchase and pay for on their own.  Other additional books may be recommended for resource and encouragement depending on the conversations and needs of each individual in the cohort.

Next Cohort Group Forming Now for Fall of 2023

Group is limited to the first four who join.

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