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God has blessed me, by His grace, in something I thought I would never do – be a pastor of a small rural church in Northern lower Michigan.


Overall, it has been a blessing, but there were huge lows as well.  I came into this by God’s clear leading, but quite frankly I started out feeling like I was a fish out of water. And at times I felt like this church would never turn the corner and become a healthy church.


I had a lot to learn, and I certainly made several mistakes.  God gave me resources to help me learn the culture, but at times it just felt backwards. What I did not have however, was one person who would walk with me and give me some clear direction. Now on the other side of “making it” God has given me a burden to start Rural Shepherdology, which provides practical insights for pastors that want to create a healthy culture of change.


By God’s grace, my church has moved from maintaining the status quo to a healthy, thriving faith community.  God is not done with us; we have more to learn, but we are growing in a healthy way.  


Rural Shepherdology has proven to help those rural and small-town pastors that would like a friend to come alongside them in the journey.  If you would like more information or have questions about the advantages of being a part of this group, feel free to contact me.                                      

Jerry Troyer

Founder and Coach of Rural Shepherdology

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